OSDPTM - Open Supervised Device Protocol

OSDPTM is an industry standard for communication between card readers and control panels, which is maintained by SIA - the Security Industry Association. OSDPTM is designed to replace legacy card reader interfaces like Wiegand, Clock/Data and current loop.

The OSDPTM protocol allows for secured two-way communication between card reader and control panel over a standard two-wire RS485 multi-drop bus. The control panel function as the OSDPTM master device which communicates with one or more card readers on the same bus. A legacy Wiegand interface requires 6 to 8 wires to function, but the OSDPTM interface only needs 4 wires to allow for data exchanged between card reader and control panel. The security function in the OSDPTM protocol allow for multiple encryption standards including 128 Bit AES.

The following Security Engineering products has support for the OSDPTM protocol:

SBR 0983 - Chameleon Converter (Wiegand Interface, Clock/Data Interface or Digital I/O)

SE 1042 - readID for Siedle (NXP MIFARE, EM Prox or HID iCLASS, Prox & Mobile Access)

SE 1043 - readID for Siedle (NXP MIFARE, EM Prox or HID iCLASS, Prox & Mobile Access)

SE 1090 - readID Wall E (NXP MIFARE Classic, NXP MIFARE DESFire, NXP MIFARE Ultralight)

SE 1110 - OSDP I/O Module (Wiegand or Clock/Data Interface, Digital inputs and Relay outputs)

OSDPTM is a trademark of the Security Industry Association.​

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