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Security Engineering was started as a company in 1993 under the name SB Research.

With more the two decades of experience in security industry Security Engineering can provide in depth know how on specialized electronics for security solutions.

With RFID and Convergence between physical and logical security as the main area of expertise.

Primary work is to develop and manufacture electronic custom designed solutions for the security industry.

With a large number of products available as standard of-the-shelve products or customized to meet specific needs.


To create an efficient solution for small product series a number of modular platforms has been developed to allow rapid and efficient development of a new product. In addition to the economical and time wise benefits this creates very uniform products that allow for easy installation and use.​


Please contact Security Engineering for a dialog regarding your product needs wheater you have an existing product or are requiring a new design.​


USB Configuration Utility updated
The USB Configuration Utility (seucu.exe) has been updated to version 2.0. - Firmware Update functionality has been added.
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Security Engineering ApS
Birkholmsvej 33
DK - 2800 Kgs. Lyngby

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Phone: +45 87 30 04 45
Mail : info@securityengineering.dk